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Since WoW has changed to battle net i had to re load WoW . My account information that was saved to login was lost, now i cant remember my old hotmail account i used. *long drawn out sigh*

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(No audio.) I’m not sure how clear or useful this will be, but I made a short video showing how I blend colours, and the custom keyboard shortcuts I’ve set to quickly change the brush opacity, size, and colour while I’m painting.

I keep my left hand on my keyboard, while using my tablet pen with my right hand. My tablet settings are set so that I can use very light strokes, but if I need even less opacity, I tap “A” to decrease the brush opacity. To blend colours, I use the colour picker with Ctrl, adjust the brush opacity, and start laying down strokes.

In this video I’m using Krita, but you can do this sort of thing in many painting programs.

So my friends and i are having a gender bend party I’m super excited. I’m bring all my girly wigs and make up for the guys to wear .

This is my look I’ve thrown together fast .but not the final look, going for boyish punk.