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man I’m really bummed that I can’t go to AR and Bronycan this weekend.

I work friday and Sunday my work has a meeting everyone has to attend. Going the one day alone and spending 100 dollars to get into both cons plus transit cost and a place to stay yikes.would end up being like $250

Sadly i can’t will myself to pay that much for just getting into  conventions for one day.

Some picture’s from my back country backpacking trip in fryatt Valley ,Jasper.

The trail to the cabin is a total of 23 km! :B  The end to get to the cabin was a brutal 200 meter cliff climb up the mountain , You had to beast mode to get to the top.

Also being caught in two thunder storms along the journey.(scary but exciting)

But all in all it was well worth the climb! The homey cabin and crystal blue waters were breathtaking it was very hard to leave such a slice of paradise.  I’ll definitely be coming back for a longer stay at the cabin.

I”d like to do stuff like this more often , I just feel so alive out in the forest.

Vacation time

Going off to Edmonton today to meet up with a friend ,then off to Jasper for 5 days of camping.

My goal on the greyhound ride there is to see how much money i can make in animal crossing from BC to Edmonton X3

cya peeps

woow… it’s so close to august…. I didn’t  realize it was the up coming weekend. i”m leaving on saturday for edmonton and to visit a friend. Were going back packing in the Rockies.

*panics * no time for cosplay! i don’t even know….